New Blood | A cold, sharp bite of contemporary Irish culture.

Commissioned by The Bram Stoker Festival, New Blood was a take-over and transform of Dublin’s contemporary art space the Project Arts Centre. Theatre | Club | Gallery | Bar.

Our dress code and theme was ‘if Rihanna and FKA Twigs had a stripclub in the Matrix’. Bespoke shot and cocktail bars, pole dancers, performers, rap kings & trap queens,  turbo vibez and this lineup:

The TheatreSomerville /  Evvol / Diamond Dagger / EMBRZ / Sega Bodega / Junior Spesh

The Club | Alice Club Night  / Close Greg Spring [This Greedy Pig] & Sally Cinnamon

The Bar |  Tropical Popical‘s Ghetto Nail Bar & Style Club‘s Braid Bar

The Gallery | Gretchen Bender, Total Recall

Visuals | Kev Freeney [CLU] & Chris Lunney

Cocktails | Absolut Purple Drank: Absolut, Buckfast, Pomegranate, 7up, jolly rancher syrup / Gin ‘n’ Juice: Gin, Pink Grapefruit juice, Basil, Seasalt & Sumac / $lurricane: Havana, Passion fruit, Lime, Vanilla / Henny sham-pain: Hennessy, Prosecco, Apple Juice, Angostura bitters, Sugar / I smoke, I drank: Hyde Smoked Whiskey, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Sugar, Honey, Angostura Bitters

Shots | Elderberry & Ginger Poitín / Pear & Ginger Pickleback / Beetroot Pickleback / Apple Cider Vinegar & Goldschlager / Hawberry Tamarind & Tequila / Sloe Gin & Black Pepper / Hawberry Gin / Black Diamond (Sambuca & fire)

Identity design: Sarah June Fox

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