CONFETTI was a party in support of the YesEquality campaign in the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum on May 22nd, 2015.

We were lucky enough to have Berghain / Panorama Bar (OFFICIAL) residents Steffi & Virginia, Prosumer join Sally Cinnamon & Glamo, Mother Club resident Ghostboy, Una Mullally & Molly King plus Eoin, Byron, Lolz and Noid The Droid from the Electric family forfeit their fees to come and fill 3 rooms of serious tunes and party vibes.

We also ordered a catwalk for everyone all to vogue up and show off their honreal outfits. Leading the voguing session was a Leigh Bowery inspired troop of Macnas performers and at the inimitable Mangina Jones, who opened and closed the session with a few choice outfits and number.

Read about us in The Guardian here.

confetti solo

Concept, direction, curation, production, design, build.

Identity design by Osim Studio | Video by Ishka Films.

More photos here. | Facebook event here.

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